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Strength lies in differences, not similarities. This maxim forms the basis of our company: partners from different backgrounds with complimentary skill sets that can be applied to our work. When combined with our accumulated decades of experience, that tool kit serves as a powerful instrument on behalf of our clients.

Ali Bouhouch


Ali is a transformational technology leader with over 20 years of success in leading consulting, software development, data engineering and data science teams to deliver cutting-edge solutions for eCommerce, Customer Experience and Advanced

Analytics. He is a subject matter expert with deep

experience in emerging technologies like Cloud, Big Data, In-Memory, AR/VR, AI and Cognitive Computing, and his work has transformed the customer journey in multiple industries including Retail, Finance, Telecom and Energy.

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Suhneel Roye


Suhneel is an experienced, versatile technology
leader with a passion for enabling businesses and
their people, to succeed. Over his two decade-plus career, he has led teams at large companies in finance, retail, insurance, technology, restaurants, beverages, and others, as well as in the entrepreneurial/startup space in leadership roles encompassing strategy, enterprise architecture, and implementation. A lifelong student with a voracious appetite for knowledge, he excels at bringing great ideas to life, developing people, solving complex problems, and making a difference.

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